Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Jacob is now 7!
7 things that are great about Jacob:
1. He loves to sing and is always singing!
2. He is very friendly and outgoing.
3. He loves to help me cook.
4. He'll try just about anything at least once! (Even weird food!)
5. He's a great reader.
6. He brings a lot of excitement to our family!
7. He is very creative!

We love Jacob!!!

He had a great day yesterday! We had a family birthday party, so he was able to celebrate with his cousins and grandparents. Thanks everyone for celebrating with us.

He wanted a racetrack cake. Don't you love the Hot Wheels flames!!!

His favorite part--the presents!

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!


Lindsay said...

happy birthday, jacob! great cake, jame!

Toots said...

Hi Jamie! That is a cool cake if I ever saw one! I love it! I'll have to show that to Seth. :) I am so glad Jacob is growing up in your family...what a blessed boy he is! And tall too!

The Hardy's said...

What a great cake. Cute idea that I might just have to borrow one of these birthdays.