Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan and Alex!

WOW!! I can hardly believe that a whole year has gone by since my boys were born. It has been a whirlwind. My boys are growing and getting bigger every day. They are constantly amazing me at how much they are learning. Alex has started walking and there is no stopping him. He loves his new-found freedom. He still seems too small to walk to me, but he is getting to be a big boy. Logan is taking a few steps at a time, and I'm sure it will only be a matter of weeks before he is running around with Alex. He is definitely the more vocal of the two, but is also the more calm. They both LOVE books--especially ones with moving pieces or flaps to lift. They also love music. They are both finally feeling better after both having tubes put in their ears. It was all over before their birthday, thank goodness! I'm so blessed to have healthy and happy kids! Happy birthday my sweet boys! Now if I can just get them to say MAMA...!!!!

The day started out as usual--breakfast in pajamas. Thanks to Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Russell for the cute matching PJ's!
A little playing in between naps! They love to check their mailbox for letters!

Sitting in the birthday chair waiting for presents! I love how Logan has started smiling with his squinty eyes and Alex is sooo lounging in this picture!

They are kind of getting the present-opening thing. Good thing they had such good helpers!

Okay, I know what you're thinking...what kind of a cake is that? They started out as a Thomas the Train cake, then it turned into baseballs and alas, they turned into mice. It wasn't the best day for mom's creativity. The block cakes I made them for the earlier party (see below) turned out much better!

Logan was NOT fond of his cake. In fact, he took handfuls of the chocolate frosting and threw them on the floor. Alex, on the other hand, really liked the marshmallow eyes.

Happy Birthday Alex!
Happy Birthday Logan!
He managed to wipe his chocolatey hands all over his face!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Thayne! The shirts are so cute!
We had an earlier birthday party on March 16th. We also celebrated Grandma Lillie's birthday. Here are the cakes I made for them. See, much better!
Hannah and Jacob helped decorate them. Good job guys!
The boys were not sure what to do. Alex got the hang of it first. Logan eventually realized he could eat it!
What cute boys!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

We love to dye Easter eggs. Here the kids are getting into this fun family tradition.

Even the babies are having a good time. No dye for them yet, though! Next year for sure!

Hannah and Jacob at an Easter egg hunt in Centerville. Jacob is already eating his candy!

Easter Morning. All the Thayne kids with their Easter baskets.

Ready for church. Jacob looks so handsome in his new suit and Hannah is getting so big!!! She's beautiful!

Here's all the kids!

Alex and Logan in their handsome Easter outfits.

Our family on Easter. March 23, 2008.

FYI: An interesting fact about the year's Easter Celebration. Logan and Alex were born on the 25th--which means that they had 2 Easters before they were 1 year old. Then, they won't have an Easter until after they are 2. Cool huh!

Monday, March 17, 2008

March Pictures

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Jacob. He made a leprechaun hat at school for his party. He was excited to find "gold" from the end of the rainbow.

Three of my boys--doing their favorite thing--computer!!!
Logan has decided that he LOVES being outside. He stands at the window and watches the other kids. I'm glad it is finally warm enough for us all to go out and enjoy the sunshine. It's about time!!!!

He is so cute! I love how blue his eyes are!

Logan and Alex love playing in the kitchen. This day I opened the pantry. I forgot that the potatoes were opened. I looked over and Logan was sucking (no teeth yet) on a potato. He thinks he is so funny!

Alex is always so SILLY! We love it!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

February Pictures

I can't believe how fast the months are going. I thought I was keeping up and before I knew it, here it is March!!! Here are some great pictures of the kids last month.

We went and spent a weekend at Grandma Perkins' house in Kaysville. There was so much snow there. The kids had a wonderful time playing in it.

Hannah and Logan, Kaysville

On the back porch!

Hannah tied herself to this pole, started to twist free and then got completely stuck!

You can see Alex's 6 teeth (2 on bottom, 4 on top). We have yet to see any in Logan's mouth. Hannah says that they are just hibernating for the winter. Good thing winter is almost over!!

Alex loves this bracelet. He puts it in his mouth and still has two hands free to play. I thought it was so funny. Then I saw Logan...
Great minds think alike!!!

OK, I know...the hair is out of control. I figured I would wait until their 1st birthday, but I couldn't wait any longer. Here is Alex before.

Alex after!!! Isn't he so handsome!

Logan before.

Logan after! What a happy, cute boy!

All the boys got haircuts!!! Aren't they good lookin' kids!