Sunday, December 2, 2007


Here are the kids before Thanksgiving. We are ready for church!

The day before Thanksgiving, we went to get our family pictures taken. Here we are!

Pictures of the kids turned out great!

We waited a week after Thanksgiving to put our Christmas tree up. Thanksgiving seemed to be much earlier in the month this year and I just couldn't put the tree up that soon. So, on December 1st it went up. Hannah and Jacob are SOOOOOO excited for Christmas. It will be so fun this year with our new boys.
The kids in front of the tree. Hannah always seems to be holding Alex and Jacob has got Logan.
My cute kids!!
Later that day we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. It had snowed a lot that day and Hannah and Jacob really wanted to play in the snow!
I guess winter is really here!

Hannah loves having Max around for a while. We are so glad to see him and Heather. He is growing up so much. We really miss him when he is in Georgia. He really likes to have his picture taken if you can't tell!
PS: Hannah lost another tooth!!!

Alex and Logan

I always love taking pictures of the boys. They are growing! They are 8 months old and sitting up so well on their own. Alex is almost crawling and Logan is not that far behind. They are really starting to interact with each other when they play. Here are some fun pictures of them. Enjoy!

Logan likes to do funny things with his face and lips. He has such big blue eyes and dark brown hair! I love his chubby cheeks!

I love Alex's hair. It is quite fluffy and sticks out. Here he is after he just woke up from a nap. His hair is doing some crazy things, especially on the side. He is so fun!

Hannah thinks it is so funny to make to babies look silly and then take their pictures. Here she put Logan's pants on his head like a hat. They let her do it now, but I'm sure that won't last!!

Alex loves to smile for the camera!!

I love this picture. It doesn't capture exactly what was happening, but Logan was resting on the back of Alex while they were playing. It was so cute. I love my boys!

Jacob's Birthday

Jacob's birthday was November 15th. He turned 5 years old. He had a wonderful couple of days worth of celebrating. It started with a birthday dinner at Grandma Lillie's.

Here's the birthday boy with his Rice Krispie Cake!

Next was a party with the family on his birthday. We went to Winger's for his free birthday meal and back home for presents! He looks so handsome here with his new birthday clothes!

He was so excited to get his presents. Everything was "just what he always wanted!!" He loved his Hot Wheels Spin City Track.

Here he is with his brothers, Alex and Logan, and his new track.

The next day was his belt test in karate. He has earned his yellow belt. Here he is an official karate pose and his yellow belt. We are proud of Jacob for doing so well!

And to end the festivities, the next day Jacob had his friend party. He had 8 friends come. Between the pinata, presents, treats and cake, a good time was had by all. He wanted a race car party. The boys loved getting a Hot Wheels car to race on a track to Rich built in the garage. The day was exhausting, but Jacob had a wonderful day!

Here he is with his race car cake!