Monday, January 21, 2008

Rich and Hannah's Birthdays

It's so great that Hannah was born on Richard's birthday. It makes it easy for him to remember and we all just love to celebrate. Here are some great shots from the festivities. Hannah is so excited to be 8. She tells everyone that she's going to be baptized on February 2nd. She can't wait. Isn't it great to be 8!!!

Getting ready for the presents!

Harvest Hawks hoody from Hannah!

Dad's new BBQ Grill. I got many weird looks from the store employees when I bought this. I guess not too many people buy them in January! It was pretty tricky getting it home. Jacob and I had to build a ramp to get it up the stairs from the garage to the house. Needless to say it is still sitting in our living room. With all the snow lately, we just can't find a good place to put it!

Hannah getting her new scriptures and case. She loved them because they have her name on them!

Dad and his birthday pie. I didn't have enough candles, so 3 had to do!

Hannah had a Hawaiian friend birthday party on Friday, the 11th. She invited 11 girls over for the festivities. The night was packed full of fun stuff to do and I do believe that everyone had a great time. It's a good thing that these friend parties only come every 4 years. It will take me that long to recover from both Jacob's and Hannah's this year!!!

Our living room was transformed into a tropical paradise. Here are the girls making their leis on the "beach" with their beach towels. Next, we did Hawaiian Pictionary.

Here's the flip flop pinata. Here's Hannah ,Kelsey and Jacob having a whack at it. Everyone got 3 turns and then Grandpa Cory had to finally break it open.
FYI--DO NOT fill pinatas with Nerds!!

They waited so patiently! It took a lot longer than we all thought!

We played a hula hoop relay.

Next was the limbo. Lots of different ways to get under that limbo pole!

We ate Hawaiian Haystacks on the beach with Strawberry Slushies and umbrella straws!

Dinner was followed by PRESENTS!!

We finished off with the Flip Flop cake, of course! It was fantastic! Happy Birthday Hannah!

Party at Grandma Lillie's!

Miss Hannah!

The Birthday Boy and Alex

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Logan and Alex

The boys are 9 months old now. They are a whopping 14 lbs. and 14 ounces. However, Alex is nearly an inch taller than Logan. They are learning new things everyday. Logan's best thing is saying DADADADA all the time. He has also started to scoot forward more. He can certainly get around a lot better than before (just rolling).

Doesn't he have a great smile. I love his cheeks!!

Alex has such big, blue eyes and lots of wild hair.

This is Alex's new trick!

He is in position.


He now climbs up onto everything. He is growing up so fast!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was fabulous. A great time was had by everyone. The kids didn't wake up too early--7:30! It was so fun with the babies. I'm not sure if they quite knew what was going on, but they are always smiley!
Alex and Logan with their stockings. Logan sure loved those pistachios. I don't think he set them down for a long time.
Jacob and his stocking. He is already eating the treats!

Hannah and her stocking.
Me and my stocking and my cool bread maker!
Dad, his stocking, and his Christmas hat.
Miss Hannah, aka Barbie stylist!
Logan and his pistachios still!
Jacob and his easel/desk.
Alex loved the presents.
He couldn't wait to open the blue one for dad!
Let the treat fest begin!
YEAH! Build-a-Bear clothes.
Alex was interested in this great present for Jacob.
Jacob was always willing to help anyone open presents.
Hannah and her best present--a Barbie Girl MP3 player.
Jacob needed new gloves and a new hat. (See visit to Temple Square!)
Jacob's best present--that he ALWAYS wanted!!! Dragon Fire Hot Wheels Racing track!
Let the set up begin!
Hannah and her light brite.

Alex and Logan playing with their new toys. They love them!