Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally More Pictures!

Alex and Logan

Well, it has been awhile since I've posted. The time is sure flying by! In order to "catch up", I'm posting pictures of the boys, Hannah and Jacob. I found out that I need to take more pictures. They are changing so fast and learning new things all the time. The boys are nearly 6 months old. It's hard to believe that they are growing up so fast. They are rolling all over and are anxious to start eating at the table with us. One fantastic thing is that they are sleeping almost 10 hours every night!! YEAH for the babies and YEAH for mom (I get to sleep, too!)



Logan's favorite position.
He loves to lay on his side and suck on his fingers.


Alex--He has quite a personality!

Alex being silly!

Hannah being silly with Alex! She did want a sister!


Hannah started the 2nd grade this year at Harvest Elementary School. I can't believe that she is old enough for that. She is becoming a really good reader and is doing quite well with all of the new things she is learning. She was happy to find out that a few of her friends from last year are in her class. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Richards. Her classroom is in a portable. An interesting thing about her teacher is that she has 13 children. Now that's a lot of kids!!! Here she is on the first day of school.Hannah is playing on a soccer team this fall. They are half-way through the season. This is the first time she has played soccer. She is doing quite well. She has both boys and girls on her team. One great thing about Hannah is she is the only girl that has scored a goal on her team. She plays on a full-sized field. so she runs A LOT!!! She likes it and will probably play again in the spring. Here she is with Jacob before their first game.

Here are a few pictures of Hannah in action...

It has been nearly a year and a half since Hannah lost her two bottom teeth. So finally, her top teeth have come out. Each within a week of each other. She is proud to say she pulled it out herself. Here she is with the first tooth gone.
The second tooth has an interesting story. It was extremely loose on a Friday night. She had been working on it all day long. Of course she didn't want anyone to touch it but her. That night she went to bed. The next morning she came in and announced that her tooth was gone... literally. She had woken up and found that it was missing. She searched her bed, the floor, everywhere, but couldn't find it. We decided that maybe she had swallowed it during the night. She also told us that she had dreamt that she had pulled it out. Maybe it wasn't a dream after all. That night she wrote the tooth fairy a note and explained that indeed her tooth was gone, but she couldn't find it to put it under her pillow and she hoped that the tooth fairy would understand. Of course she did and Hannah was happy about that. The funny thing was when we moved Hannah's furniture around a few weeks later, we found her tooth between her bed and the wall. She was thrilled. She was hoping to put it back under her pillow that night in hopes of "fooling" the tooth fairy. We explained that she probably would know that it was the "missing" tooth and probably wouldn't leave anything this time. She agreed and needless to say, she still wanted to leave the tooth so the tooth fairy could take it. Here's a picture of her now with her toothless grin!

Isn't she cute!!!


Jacob has started preschool. He goes 3 days week and he loves it. His teacher's name is Mrs. Hentish and he is in the Moonbeam Classroom. Each of the rooms are decorated in some cool way. He likes his because it has the solar system on the wall and his name was written on a rocket. He is learning a lot and his teacher says that he is quite a good artist. I'm so proud of him for being so good and wanting to learn. He is a good boy. Here he is on his first day of school.

Jacob is also playing soccer this year. He is getting to be quite good. He also scored a goal and in his very first game! He plays on a smaller field and also has boys and girls on his team. He is on a 3-pre-K team and he stands almost a head taller than the rest of the kids. He is going to be a tall one!! He is learning a lot about playing on a team and cheering them on. It's fun to watch to little kids play. They are so fun to watch. There is a lot of falling to the ground, sitting on the ball, and moms and dads helping! They sure do have lots of fun playing!! Here are some action shots of Jake!

Jacob had a small accident at Aunt Lyndy's house involving a door. He got a huge goose egg on his forehead. He had such a hard time keeping an icepack on it that we decided to strap it to his head. He looked very funny, but it worked! (He is just fine now in case anyone was wondering!)