Saturday, August 11, 2007


August 3 and 4, 2007
We had a great trip to the cabin with Lyndy and Shawn's family, and Lindsay and Russell's family. We missed Grandma, Grandpa, Heather, Ephraim, and Max! The kids played outside until they were tired and we all relaxed, playing games and having fun!
The Boys!
Ethan, Jonah, Sam and Jacob
They spent all their time working on the teepee and catching bugs!

The Girls! Hannah, Emily, and Kelsey

Uncle Russell entertaining the kids with a Marshmallow gun!

The kids, Aunt Lyndy and the Teepee!

Jamie, Alex, Richard, and Logan before our hike.

The whole gang on our hike!

Fishing Friends!

Hannah caught the first fish of the day! We ended up with 4 for the day!

Uncle Russell, the fisherman!

Uncle Shawn, the fisherman!

Splash Pad Fun

We had great fun at the Splash Pad in Herriman with Grandma Lillie.




Grandma and Alex

Babies at 4 months

Our boys are 4 months old now! They are getting so big and quite silly. Alex and Logan love to laugh and smile--unless there is a camera that is!!
Alex and Logan
Having some tummy time! Logan was interested in the camera.
Alex wanted to lick the blanket!


Alex is great with his toes!!

Zoo Adventure-July 7, 2007

Richard's Employee Party this summer was at the Hogle Zoo.
It was very hot, but we had lots of fun!

The kids got some fun hats from Stampin' Up!

Gopher Hannah and Gopher Jacob!